Standing on the sidewalk

“Found art” on the sidewalk while walking by construction site on Rainey Street Austin


512 insurance found art rainey street austin tx


It would be slightly difficult to steal the sidewalk art in the photo, if that is even your taste, but it does bring to mind the topic of art on your insurance policy.


Most often, your home, condo or renters policy offers personal property coverage for your furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. In addition, it provides limited coverage for such items as art, computer, camera, jewelry and music instruments.


All Texas policies set dollar limits on the amount of protection offered to cover your specialty items. For example, a piece of art may be covered up to $500 per piece, and a max of $2,500 per incident for theft.

No worries! Optional add-on coverage to the policy is available to provide higher limits and expanded protection for your special property.


Talk to your personal agent at Britton & Britton Insurance to customize a policy to fit your unique needs.


The example amounts above will vary by company and by other optional endorsements or base policy form, consult your policy for coverage details.


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