Home along the lanes of the skyway

After a thorough search, and a long day of moving, you’ve finally settled in and are eager to begin living in your new place! But hold up, wait a minute! You should consider buying renters insurance before getting too comfortable in your new home.

Renters insurance can help protect you from fire, vandalism, and theft-related losses. It also provides liability protection in the case that you are sued for bodily injury or property damage. There are two types of renters insurance: actual cash value and replacement cost. Replacement cost policies can reimburse you for the full cost of replacing your belongings — not a depreciated value.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), only 31% of renters have renters insurance. This low percentage is likely caused by the common misconception that landlord’s insurance covers damage to personal possessions. The truth is, your landlord’s policy probably covers only damage to the building.

Contact your personal 512 insurance agent from Britton & Britton at 512-334-6330 or click www.512insurance.com

P.S. Flood is a separate policy, and not included on a renters policy in Texas. Flood is defined as “rising water” such as a creek coming up out of its banks or clogged street drainage gutter causing water to rise past the yard and into a home. Most often when you are in a preferred zone the insurance rates are minimal and can be less than $149 per year.



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